What is Wamble?

Wamble is a wesite that help get rid of gambling addiction using Wambling technology.

What is Wambling?

Wambling - short for Win Gambling - experimental technology which uses saturation of "winner experience".

How does Wambling work?

When person fighting gaming addiction gets the urge to gamble that cannot be handled, instead of gambling in online casino demo mode one should play Wamble games.

Why does Wambling work?

Wamble games saturate user with "winner experience" to ease or completely remove the urge to gamble.

Is Wambling clinically tested?

Wambling is new technology, it is not tested yet. The concept is bringing technology to people ASAP and fine-tuning it community way.

Is Wamble anonymous?

Wamble is totally anonymous meaning we do NOT save ANY user data AT ALL.

How much does it cost?

All services on this website are absolutely free.

Do you even know what `wamble` means?

Well, yes. Unfortunately, research on the word was made AFTER the website was published. By the way `wamble` has several meanings

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Why to few games? Why poor design? Why language is so poor?

Wamble website is created by one person obviously not a professional in game creating, website design and linguistics. By the way website development budget is 0.

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Use at Your own risk. Website owner does not take responsibility for any possible negative effect after use of services.